Is The Osteodontokeratic Hammer Built Or Grown? part 2

A five or six month hiatus can move by pretty quickly. I tend to have three or four projects going on at the same time. The summer months, as hot as they are, can be the perfect time to focus on some of these other projects.

Trapped inside a heavily air conditioned apartment, I focused on producing my fifth album, Three Sides of the Same Coin. With the summer sunshine in abundance, I set off to non desert locales to find more In A Place scenes. IAP benefitted twice that summer since I was also focusing heavily on the layout of the art book. Sherry Wisener joined the IAP project as the book’s editor. By the time the fall colors started to arrive, In A Place: An Art Book was finished.

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Palm Springs Life: Art + Culture Article

A huge thank you to Janice Kleinschmidt from Palm Springs Life: Art + Culture magazine for including me in her article on Coachella Valley and Joshua Tree artist turning to Kickstarter to help fund their projects.

Kickstarting the Arts by Janice Kleinschmidt

I have an update on the In A Place project that I will post in a few days. I will hint that the update will involve canvases, paints, frames, prints, brushes and most importantly, a new camera!



Kickstarter: The Day After

So, what’s next?

First, I have to say that I am still very much in love with the In A Place project, and I am proud of the book. Towards the final hours of the campaign I received some great support from people interested in the project. Even though Kickstarter didn’t work out in helping me self publish In A Place, I’m confident that there’s an audience out there that would appreciate owning a copy. I just need to keep searching.

To everyone who supported my fundraising effort, I simply cannot thank you enough. Your generosity and kindness has carried me through these past two months. I hope someday soon I can present you with a copy of In A Place: an art book.

The plan now is to move forward by producing a limited run of stand alone prints from the project. I have selected 24 images that will be mounted, numbered and signed. If these prints are a success in both generating funds, and more importantly driving awareness for the book, I can then invest in a smaller run of the books, finally making it available for you to have one of your own.

Keep a watchful eye on this blog. All information on In A Place availability and events will land here first.



In A Place featured at

Here’s a quick reminder that there are only 20 days left for my project, In A Place. Since launching the project, I’ve been receiving some great feedback on both the art book and the project as a whole.

Within the project’s first week, Kickstarter selected In A Place as a Staff Pick on their website’s blog. During the second week, Janice Kleinschmidt from Palm Springs Life interviewed me for an article she is writing for the December Art + Culture publication about local artists turning to Kickstarter for funding and exposure. Janice and her photographer Elena RayAntaratma even followed me on a photo shoot documenting how I create an In A Place scene. And, I’m excited to announce that Debra Mumm’s Venus Studios in Palm Desert has already offered to host our Southern California launch.

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Media Attention!

I have some great news to share!

Last Thursday, September 27th, Janice Kleinschmidt with Palm Springs Life Magazine interviewed me for an article to be featured in this December’s Art + Culture publication! We talked about my artwork and creative process, plus highlighted my experience launching and promoting my In A Place Kickstarter project. The interview even followed me on a photo shoot in downtown Palm Springs where Janice and her photographer, Elena RayAntaratma, were able to observe first hand how I select a scene and set up a shot for In A Place.

I am extremely grateful to Janice and Elena for their enthusiasm for my project. The whole day was a fantastic experience to share with them!

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