Not One Iota

By Brandon Dale Edwards



Written by Brandon Dale Edwards

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Not One Iota by Brandon Dale Edwards is an off-kilter tale straight from the 90’s.

Joel moves to San Francisco to escape the pain of his failed engagement.  Justine is feeling pressure to reconcile her day to day lifestyle with planning for the future.  Sparks fly as they land in a romantic, yet volatile relationship that could end up destroying their lives.

Michael tries to break out of his habitually antisocial lifestyle.  Charged with a dream of becoming a professional photographer, he crosses paths with two mysterious young customers.  Michael’s intrigue catapults him into a shadowy role where the line between guardian angel and stalker becomes blurred.

Nicolai is a renowned artist desperate for inspiration.  He imprisons himself in a filth-ridden hotel hoping to reignite his creativity.  This decision lands him in a grimy world where his lack of street smarts could ruin everything he has achieved.

Not One Iota is a dark comedy set against a San Franciscan backdrop at the end of the 20th century.  The story chronicles a year in the lives of five idiosyncratic individuals who are trying to find their place in a city that’s identity has been fractured across socioeconomic fault lines.


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