In A Place

My background as a visual effects artist in film production is a massive influence on my work. The aspects of escape and wonder that are associated with film are the same sparks that ignite the In A Place project. The picnic table can represent many things to as many viewers, but the work’s overall approach is to inspire the viewer to take in the little moments and look around them, to find the unexpected. I believe as one becomes accustomed to finding new details in the simplest of surroundings, they become more aware of details in the larger world around them as well.

The entire project features an assortment of diverse hand sculpted miniature picnic tables placed in commonly overlooked neighborhood environments. The composition of each image is framed so that the natural surroundings of the picnic table appear to be new and exotic locales. The charm of the picnic table placed in these landscapes works to make the content and context of In A Place accessible to everyone.

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