Chronicles of Nova Wing

The Chronicles of Nova Wing original web comic series follows the adventures of a pair of bounty hunters, Vice Scryp and Malstrom. Collectively, along with their infamous starship, they are known as Team Nova Wing.

Click the cover to download a 10-page preview PDF of the comic: Episode 1 An Unexpected Guest.

Team Nova Wing

An ancient myth tells of a warrior who saved the world from chaos and destruction. This legendary hero has many names, but the current name identifies the warrior as The Nova King.

Tales such as The Nova King help morally unify the vast, dispersed communities of settlers littered throughout the Ty-Pek Star System, although each community adopt different elements of these myths for their moral justification. This process of justification eventually gave rise to a culture of universal subjectivism, a philosophical system that prompted most of inhabitants of Ty-Pek to become isolationist in the majority of their affairs. The Ty-Pek system has no central governing body, and no central military or justice service. All of the settlement communities agreed to maintain a life style of pacifist anarchy.

With the absence of a global justice system, law enforcement is left to the individual. Although most citizens adhere to the pacifist way, there are individuals who find taking what they want to be a far easier way sustain themselves. The only counter element to keep open crime at bay is a robust and profitable network of Bounty Hunters and Guns-for-Hire; the new warriors.

These Gun-for-Hires, or G4s, would fight for whom ever had the right trade goods. There was an honor amongst them, but from time to time, epic battles would break out, thinning their number. One person’s G4 was another person’s marauder.

Vai Scryp, was one such warrior. A former bounty hunter and captain of the Nova Wing, and Nova Wing 2. Scryp revered the ancient legend of The Nova King. He adopted the classic Nova King imagery into his own persona, and used the morality tales told of the Nova King to justify his own actions. While overseeing the production of his signature star fighter, The Nova Wing 2, he demanded that certain customizations transform his ship to evoke a similar look to that of The Nova King’s classically visualized helm.

During his life, Captain Scryp made quite a name for himself. In his early career, he was one of the top bounty hunters in the Mid Orbit planets. In just a few short years, Captain Scryp quickly became one of the most notorious personalities on the freelance market, and a household name amongst small and mid level settlements.

This fame also brought a heightened amount of animosity towards Captain Scryp from his peers. Attempts on Scypt’s life became a routine factor when accepting new assignments. The frequent and troublesome attacks reached a boiling point, and during a prolonged hunt for a group of Marauders, his first starfighter, along with half of his own body were destroyed. Reluctantly, he was forced to bring on a young assistant, Mal-Strom, to help.

With his new assistant, and a new starfighter, The Nova Wing 2, Captain Scryp once again dominated the Guns-for-Hire market.

Eventually, their success began to take a huge toll on Captain Scryp. To contend with Scryp’s pride, marauders would work extra hard to undo Nova Wing’s accomplishments. Scryp became fatigued with how, upon payment for services rendered, he would be called on again a few days later to perform the same task all over again from the very same client. Scryp started turning jobs down, regarding them as a waste of time. This is when his true legend was born.

After a rapid series of personal losses, Scryp began a personal campaign to decimate the prolific marauder population. Scryp refused to accept any payment for his actions, surviving solely off of his earnings from the past 40 years of service, and any supplies acquired from his battles. Soon afterward, veteran and new G4s began to rally behind Scryp’s cause, and a new era of peace keepers was born.