A Robot Battle League Update: January 2020

A Robot Battle League Update: January 2020

Our visit to San Diego Comic Con this past summer provided great insight, inspiration, and guidance on how to further develop The Robot Battle League. We’ve hosted many playtests and game nights to fine-tune the game, and the overwhelming response from our game-testers is they want a copy of The Robot Battle League for themselves! I think the game is ready to release to the world.

As we figure out how to publish and distribute, we’re offering anyone a chance to discover and play our game. If you would like to host a game playing event featuring The Robot Battle League, please contact us through our contact form, or message us via our Facebook page so we can discuss if, how, and when we can bring the game to you.

In the meantime, we’re releasing gameplay videos to help get the word out. Check em out here(Vimeo) or here(YouTube).

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The Suboken Project is a conceptual art experiment; its driving philosophy focused on the voice of the artwork rather than the intention of the artist who created it.

The current featured artist of The Suboken Project is Travis Hiner.

Music: Hiner has written and produced several collections of music under the name Suboken. Please visit Bandcamp to hear the entire Suboken discography. Music is available for purchase and/or streaming on Apple Music,  Pandora,  Amazon,   iTunes,   Spotify,  and more…

Visual Art: Hiner currently has work on display at CREATE Center for the Arts in Palm Desert, California.  Please contact us if you are interested in seeing the work in person.

Literature: Hiner has written and published a novel, Not One Iota available on Amazon.