Musica Automata and the Thoughts that Howl, Growl, Wail

Musica Automata and the Thoughts that Howl, Growl, Wail

2011 – 2019

Eight quiet years

After the release of Three Sides of the Same Coin in 2011, I was poised to focus on the follow-up album, The Machines that Howl, Growl, and Wail. I already had several songs in development, songs that excited me but didn’t make the cut for TSOTSC.

Then the hard drive crashed.

When I eventually accepted that recovering the lost data was not possible, my creativity moved away from music production. My talents turned toward visual art, board game design, producing a webcomic, writing and publishing my first novel, and teaching creativity through SMART Education.

I wrapped up some of those previously mentioned projects in 2017, and the urge to explore music crept back into my thoughts. Friends started pushing music creation, and I had access to new music-making toys such as a Native Instruments Komplete keyboard, ROLI Blocks, ROLI Seaboard, and Korg Gadget II software. After six years away from making music, it was refreshing to play in the music toy box again. New songs popped up weekly, and I thought the album would be ready for release by the end of that year.

However, one song that survived the data loss in 2011, Tension Lines, became a beacon to guide the album’s production. All the new tracks needed to earn the title and motif of The Machines that Howl, Growl, Wail. Out of the ten tracks created by Fall 2017, only four felt like they embodied the TMTHGW concept. The remaining six all had hints of the TMTHGW motif but didn’t earn the title as much as I wanted. From 2017 to 2019 I shaped the songs that would, put aside the songs that wouldn’t, and created new songs that were from the very get-go.

The Suboken Project is proud to present our latest, The Machines that Howl, Growl, Wail, available now on most music streaming services including Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, YouTube, Google Play, and Amazon.

The Suboken Project is a conceptual art experiment; its driving philosophy focused on the voice of the artwork rather than the intention of the artist who created it.

The current featured artist of The Suboken Project is Travis Hiner.

Music: Hiner has written and produced several collections of music under the name Suboken. Please visit Bandcamp to hear the entire Suboken discography. Music is available for purchase and/or streaming on Apple Music,  Pandora,  Amazon,   iTunes,   Spotify,  and more…

Visual Art: Hiner currently has work on display at CREATE Center for the Arts in Palm Desert, California.  Please contact us if you are interested in seeing the work in person.

Literature: Hiner has written and published a novel, Not One Iota available on Amazon.