The New Gal, The New Guy.

Hi, everyone. I’m the new guy, B.D. Edwards.

I am excited to add my voice to The Suboken Project, and I want to thank Travis and Calista for inviting me to join.

What do I do? I am a writer.

Travis, Calista and I have been collaborating on a few writing projects, some of which have already been mentioned here on the blog. In addition to those projects, I’m planning to publish my first novel by the end of the year. The manuscript is currently in the hands of my editor and I am excited to see what notes he will provide.

How does my book fit in with The Suboken Project? Many elements of the story were realized while collaborating on other Suboken projects. The core of the story was one of Travis’s ideas. He insists the book is mine to take credit for, but honestly, without Calista’s and Travis’s input, the book wouldn’t have evolved into something I am so proud to have my name connected to. To further entangle the book into the Suboken web, Travis and I are currently producing an audio version which features sound effects, music, and voice actors playing the roles of the main characters. This whole process has been such a joy, and the final result is shaping up to be more of a radio play rather than your standard audiobook.

So look forward to sample pages turning up here on the blog, and audio chapters being released via The Suboken Projects’s YouTube channel and Vimeo page.

I can’t wait for you read my book, and in turn read your feedback.