LEGO Disney Minifig Series Dot Codes

LEGO Disney Minifig Series Dot Codes

We love LEGO’s collectable minifigs! They are sold in blind polybags which make hunting down the specific LEGO characters we hope to add to our collection so much fun. To avoid buying duplicate figures, Calista and I have become adept at feeling the bags and indentifying the dot codes found on the packages, revealing which minifigs are hidden in each polybag.

A few days ago LEGO released a new series featuring Disney Animated characters. Calista didn’t hesitate in wanting each of the 18 figures from this series. (We usually select only four or five from each set.) After a couple days of searching, we secured a full set and once again wrote down the dot codes for this series. For those of you who are looking for specific LEGO Disney minifigs, here is a dot code guide we put together to help you.

Happy hunting!

LEGO Disney Minifig Dot CodesPlease don’t forget that I have my own Star Wars themed LEGO project earning votes on LEGO Ideas website. It’s free to vote and If I can earn 1000 votes before the first deadline, my project moves forward in the quest to earn 10,000 votes and consideration to become an official LEGO set sold in stores!

Thank you!