One of My LEGO Creations On Display at LEGOLAND

One of My LEGO Creations On Display at LEGOLAND

A huge thank you for everyone who has voted to support this LEGO Ideas project!

The encouraging comments everyone has shared have offered great suggestions to better this project. This post aims to cover some of the ideas that have posted.

The Custom Minifigures:   The designs for Kyle’s and Jan’s torsos were created using Adobe Illustrator. As soon as I felt I had developed strong enough LEGOized versions, I used Photoshop to digitally map the designs into the photos of the minifigs.


For anyone interested in applying these designs to their own Kyle and Jan minifigs, the .png files have been posted to my Flickr page.

The Model Color:   The Dark Orange bricks add to the uniqueness of this model when placed amongst my other Star Wars themed sets. But I have received so many comments about how the Dark Tan would look better that I set out to build a second version using Dark Tan as the primary color. Not all of the bricks I used in the original are available in Dark Tan. So I’ve been making some design changes to accommodate.

The Front of the Ship:   Speaking of design changes, the biggest feedback I’ve received is my build solution for the cockpit and nose cone.  I was happy with the leveled out top portion of the nose in my first version. It allowed more room to build a minifig scale cockpit interior. It also allow me to use taller Dark Trans Clear bricks for the windows. And, it fit with the style of Star Wars models LEGO was producing at the time.

However, the original design seen in the video games has a more distinct profile because the nose of the ship slopes downward. This has been tricky for me to replicate. I tried several SNOT solutions, but each version either made the nose too short or too long. I tried a version that used hinges, but it caused the roof of the cockpit to not align with the rest of the ship.

The trick is that the solution should maintain the sleek design carried through from the rest of the model. Until I (or a collaborator) can figure out a design that meets that self imposed criteria, I’m okay with the nose, as it is. I’m confident a solution can be created. I just haven’y found it yet.

See It in Person:   This model will be on display at LEGOLAND California! June 4th and 5th are Star Wars Days at LEGOLAND in Carlsbad CA. What better place for people to discover my LEGO Ideas project than at LEGOLAND. So if you’re already planning to go, or were on the fence but would like to see The (LEGO) Moldy Crow, please stop by this weekend and check it out in person.

I hope to see you there, and thanks again for your support.

LEGOLAND Star Wars Days


LEGOLAND Star Wars Days