A New Science-Fantasy Adventure

A New Science-Fantasy Adventure

For the past three years, I’ve been pouring an increasingly large amount of my creativity into writing projects. The first of these projects is a novel I’ve been adapting from a movie idea I created during film school. The weight of writing this novel has been heavy, however, and about 18 months ago I decided I needed to supplement my writing with something much lighter in tone. Producing this blog went a long way in satisfying that need. However, my family’s love of creating with LEGO inspired another story concept that snowballed into a personally ambitious writing project.

Calista and I have been participating in an online LEGO fan community called MOCPages. It’s a website where fans of LEGO from all ages can share images of their custom LEGO creations, referred to as “my own creation”, MOC in short.

With our MOC posts, I would often embellish short story descriptions about the creations we were sharing with the community. A particular story and set of characters from one of my MOCs sparked an interest to try a develop it into something bigger.

For the past 18 months, I’ve been fleshing out that idea into a much larger story arch. Currently the series is an expansive 39 issue comic series utilizing miniature photography techniques featuring custom LEGO models and characters.

The name of the series:

The Chronicles of Nova Wing

The story follows the adventures of a pair of bounty hunters, Vice Scryp and Malstrom. Collectively, along with their infamous starship, they are known as Team Nova Wing.

The Suboken Project is proud of what we’ve been able to produce so far, and we are eager to share with you this 10 page preview of the comic.

The Chronicles of Nova Wing


The release date for the first issue is set for March 3rd, 2015. Calista and I have been busy building set pieces, vehicles and characters, scouting locations and photographing the scenes for the first 13 issues (season one). Make no mistake, a heavy amount of photo editing is used to increase the overall production value of the comic.

Additional details about the series including information about its availability will be posted right here, on The Suboken Project’s blog.

We hope you enjoy the “show”.