The LEGO Infiltration

The LEGO Infiltration

Since April, production on new artwork, music and writing has been locked in overdrive. So much so that about two weeks ago I finally hit a creativity levee. Calista and I had so many things on our plates that, for my part, something had to give.

However, the factors that have been pulling my attention in different directions are 100% positive.

Factor One: An Old Friend Returns.

A great friend of mine, Tyler Maxey, landed back in town for a brief time. He and I were philosophy students at the same college, and it was great to have him hang out with Calista and I, waxing philosophic about life, health, the universe, careers, and entertainment. The three of us went on many hiking adventures before the summer heat finally baked us into staying indoors. A highlight of our adventures was spending one Saturday morning bombarding our senses with sonic frequencies.

Painted Canyons Painted CanyonsPalm Desert: 6:25am 97°
I’m not much of a new-age soul, but the experience was well worth the drive to Landers, CA.

Factor Two: Get That Art Off My Wall!

The Suboken Project was invited to participate in a pair of themed gallery shows in our town. Venus Studios hosted two back to back art shows. The first one was part of a Coachella Valley landscape awareness project entitled Desertscapes. Calista suggested we submit an exclusive locally themed set of In A Place photos for the show.

The second gallery show was called All Types. This time the theme called for artwork that featured lettering or bodies of text as the central element. Tyler used to work with spray paints and stencils, and inspired me to give the technique a try. I’m excited with the results, but haven’t nailed down the process yet. Mindful that taking on a new art project with a completely new process could produce disastrous results, I created a back-up art piece with materials and techniques I’m more or less proficient with; simulating organic materials with Sculpey!

During the show’s opening reception, the piece I submitted, titled Tension, provoked plenty of disparate reactions. Tension is a bit graphic by design, particularly when compared to the majority of the other artwork at the show; a healthy collection of graffiti/street art. Gallery visitors either moved swiftly past Tension the moment they realize what they were looking at, or they lingered for an extended time studying the features of the artwork. Hopefully everyone involved was at least entertained.

A Short Introduction WIP A Short Introduction WIP  Tension + HoursTensionTension (sans clamps)

Factor Three: Waiting For Crosscheck…

For eleven weeks, Calista and I have been taking Resource Family Training as part of our journey in growing our family through adoption.


Yes, Calista and I are getting ready to adopt. We’re now two steps away from being certified as a Foster/Adopt family. We decided to go through the county offices in growing our family. Our house has already passed the state safety inspection and we just completed the 33 hour Resource Family Training Program. Next up, CPR/First Aid certification, and a final home interview with our case worker.

That being said, Calista and I have decided to be SUPER selective when sharing any further information regarding our growing family (for the time being at least). “Why even mention it then?” you ask. We just wanted to let followers of our blogs know that updates will likely become even more sporadic, but for good reason.

Factor Four: Prepare To Standby, LEGO are inbound.

I’ve mentioned in earlier posts how important LEGO has been for my creativity. That fact has never been more apparent to me than it has during these past two weeks. I knew I was bearing down on the levee. But rather than hit it full stride, ruining my desire to stay on top of producing art for my solo show in November, I paced myself into a cooling off period. To keep my mind creatively charged and well exercised, I started putting down my sculpting tools and paintbrushes, instead picking up our LEGO bricks.

Calista and I have been building with LEGO since 2010. And ever since then, some form of LEGO related activity has been a part of our monthly activities. Here’s a partial quote that I posted recently on the blog, The Brothers Brick, explaining how we work with LEGO.

“Regarding LEGO, Calista and I both build MOCs (My Own Creation). She’s more of the LEGO City and LGM builder, while I’m the spaceship/sci-fi vehicle builder. I take care of all the photo-editing, where Calista takes care of the orders and LEGO spending. LEGO is a huge contributing factor in my creativity. I use building with LEGO to keep my mind and imagination exercised. Together, Calista and I use LEGO as our family time entertainment (we don’t watch TV).”

We’ve been posting pictures of our creations over the past two weeks to an unofficial LEGO community website,, and to our Flickr account. Well, a few days ago, The Brothers Brick, a popular blog for LEGO fans to follow, wrote up a post highlighting one of my LEGO creations. The blog editors tend to be a bit selective on what they post since there are so many LEGO fans out in the world building, building, building. So imagine my excitement when I received a message informing me that my own custom LEGO creation had been published on their blog!

It’s been a hectic two months, but absolutely worth every second. I only need to keep the momentum going. But first, I’ll take a nap…TSP - Manta Wing