LEGO Trophies: Year Two

LEGO Trophies: Year Two

MOC – My Own Creation. a term used by LEGO building enthusiasts referring to an original LEGO model or design built without official LEGO instructions.

Last year, SMaRT Education invited me to build custom designed LEGO trophies for their FLL regional qualifying tournament. The FLL season’s theme was centered around food safety, and SMaRT Ed’s executive director, Liberty Naud, suggested the trophies also incorporate a strong food related look.

Board members from SMaRT searched high and low for LEGO food creations and came upon some fantastic looking cupcake MOCs. The builds were created by a LEGO artist named edubl31216. No instructions were available at the time, and the tournament was approaching fast. After studying edubl31216 images, I reversed engineered similar cupcake designs which won the approval of SMaRT’s board of directors. 12 trophies were built to honor the teams achievements at the tournament.

“The Sweetest Trophies EVER!”

Here we are a year later, and SMaRT Ed has again asked me to build this year’s trophies. But, rather than hunt for an already available design, I jumped at the chance to build my own creation. The theme for this year’s FLL season is entitled Senior Solutions and the official artwork from FLL uses a retro 1950’s look. The idea of a jukebox or 50’s diner aesthetic was discussed early on. But there are some really amazing looking LEGO jukeboxes already created, and a diner theme might come across as being more related to last year’s food theme.

So I began building variations of vintage toy robots. The teams are using LEGO Mindstorms NXT robots to run on the game board, and the senior citizens they are interviewing for their projects would recognize the retro look of the old metal wind-up toys, so this seemed like a great way to appeal to both if not all generations.

I’m now waiting for the last few orders to arrive so that I can finish the trophies. As soon as they are done, I’ll share some images for everyone to see how they turned out.