Plastic Made for Battle – part three. The Robot Battle League card game.

by Travis

PSCC’s Game Night playtest at the Oasis Resort

So what did I end up developing? Here’s the synopsis: Players use their game cards to perform combat actions with the goal of “taking down” their opponents in a robotic battle royale. Fights between robots consist of attacks that deplete their opponent’s shields and destroy targeted robot features, crippling their opponent’s ability to fight. Continue reading

Plastic Made for Battle – part two. The Robot Battle League card game.

by Travis

I thought about the types of card games I loved to play; which ones had play systems that could fit with what Mikie and I were looking for in toy-robot combat. I wanted the game to have the speed and feel of Uno. But I was lost when it came to figuring out the initial set of rules. Continue reading

More than a novel update: Not One Iota is coming

Not One Iota, has been edited! A huge thank you to Ken Darrow, M.A., Lexi Ward and Justin Blake for the hard work, attention to detail and, most of all, honest feedback. The three of you have been instrumental in shaping my book for the better. I hope the story was entertaining enough to make it worth the effort.

The next steps are to find a suitable sample section to post on the blog, and on Amazon, plus finish recording the audiobook. Travis and I are still looking for voice actors so if you are interested, please contact us.

More to come,

Plastic Made for Battle – part one. The Robot Battle League card game.

by Travis

Here is a brief history about how The Robot Battle League card game came to be.

Calista and I have been volunteering for a local non-profit, SMaRT Education, for a little over eight years; helping with community events and teaching kids camps. During these events, we often worked along side a local FIRST LEGO League team named X-Treme Team. They were a talented group of 9 to 14 year olds, showcasing SMaRT’s programs, helping teach robotics camps and mentoring anyone curious to learn about technology and engineering. Calista and I became fast friends with the X-treme Team family and were soon involved with their LEGO robotics projects. I mean; lightening smart kids, LEGOs, and an endless pool of creativity, why wouldn’t Calista and I want to be a part of that? Continue reading